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Fancy Memory 60C Black

Hama 60c Black

All-round protection for compact digital cameras  Padded case  Memory foam anti-shock protection: The padding adapts perfectly to the camera and "remembers" the camera contours  Belt loop for carrying convenience  Double zipper  Guarantee: 3 years

Is your camera currently at risk of being knocked, scratched and damaged in your pocket or bag? If so, you need to get a camera case which will keep your camera looking newer for longer but which camera case do you buy? Utmost carrying comfort, extreme durability and high quality workmanship are some of the decisive characteristics of a good camera bag. Your camera should be ready at hand and protected in such a bag. These properties are characteristic of the Hama "Fancy Memory" Camera Bag, which provides all-round protection for most small digital cameras. Keep your camera protected with the Hama "Fancy Memory" Camera Bag! Suitable for most small digital cameras, this padded camera case with memory foam anti-shock protection and double zipper will keep your camera protected from the elements such as dirt and grime. The stylish and sleek design comes with padding which adapts perfectly to the camera and "remembers" the camera contours, for secure protection of the camera and the belt loop provides a means for easy, comfortable carrying. In addition, the camera case comes with a three year guarantee. The Hama Fancy Memory" Camera Bag guarantees that your camera will be secure and protected, making it possible and risk free to take along wherever your adventures may take you. 

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