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sunpak pf30x

Even with its smaller size, it has a guide number 30.
Small and light weight body requires only 2 AA batteries.
More than 40% smaller in size and 70g lighter in weight when compared to
similar size flashes with comparable features. Guide Number (ISO 100-m):30
  • Compatible with TTL functions of digital SLR cameras.
    Compatible with the advan-ced flash output control function for Canon E-TTL-II, Nikon i-TTL.
    * Note1:with the exception of some models.
  • TTL signals are automatically recognized just by mounting and turning on.
    The latest high-accuracy TTL signals are recognized by just mounting this flash on a camera and turning it on. This flash ensures the accurate, optimum, and high-quality lighting.
  • TTL automatic check function
    When shooting, the normal functioning of the TTL automatic function can be checked by the AUTO CHECK lamp in the rear panel.
  • EV adjustment buttons enable free operations.
    Light volume can be easily changed with EV adjustment buttons.
    The photographer's intention can be freely represented by the EV adjustment function up to +/-1.5EV.
    Seven steps (-1.5, -1, -0.5, 0, +0.5, +1, +1.5) can be set.
  • Vertical-Up 90û for bounce function
  • Auto Focus Assist Light supports focusing in low light situations.
    When shooting in the dark or dim places, the near infrared assist light is automatically illuminated to enable automatic focusing.

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